Maak kennis met Beckham

Misschien heb je het al gehoord of ergens gelezen: Cameron Jackson keert komende zomer terug naar Nieuw Hanenburg. En Beckham Wheeler-Greenall (Beckham Wheeler-Greenall Profile - Cricket Player New Zealand | Stats, Records, Video ( komt met hem mee. Hieronder een paar zinnen waarmee hij zichzelf introduceert.

“Hai Quick my name is Beckham Wheeler-Greenall 20 years of age and have been born and raised in Dunedin, New Zealand. I have been playing cricket since very young and have been lucky enough to have some awesome experiences whilst playing. Some of these include playing for New Zealand at the Under 19 World Cup and making my debut for the First Class team in my region. I am really excited to meet everyone at Quick and am looking forward to helping everyone at this amazing club as much as possible!”

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